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Donna Kelce when asked what’s her advice to Taylor Swift: “She doesn’t need my advice on anything. In fact, I hope she will give me advice.”



Much like the rest of the world, Donna Kelce is loving Taylor Swift’s new album, The Tortured Poets Department.

Speaking to PEOPLE at QVC’s first-ever Age of Possibility summit in Las Vegas, Donna shares, “I listened to the whole album, and I listened to it all morning long when it was released.”

“I was just very impressed. She is a very talented woman, and I think it is probably her best work,” Donna adds about the new album, in which Swift, 34, seemingly references her romance with Travis Kelce on multiple tracks.

And when she was asked if she has any advice for Swift about growing older, Donna rejected the idea. “She doesn’t need my advice on anything. In fact, I hope she will give me advice.”

The first-ever QVC summit hosted celebs like Martha Stewart, Queen Latifah and Naomi Watts to bring together inspiring women for an intimate day of compelling conversation, creative inspiration and cultural truths.

“This event is about the empowerment of women,” Donna says. “A lot of women think if they just work hard and if they do everything, they will get promoted. They don’t realize they have to ask for what they want. You have to say I want that job. They could be thinking she has two kids, she is too busy, she can’t do this. It is important to ask for what you want.

Donna also tells PEOPLE that she learned that Bradley Cooper and his mom, Gloria, would be attending the QVC event when Travis, 34, texted her a photo of himself and Swift enjoying a double date on the beach in Carmel, Calif. with Cooper, 49, and Gigi Hadid.

On Wednesday, April 24, a source close to Travis, told PEOPLE that he listened to Swift’s new album before its April 19 release.

“He is always in awe of her,” the source said of Travis’ reaction to his girlfriend’s latest release.

Among the lyrics on Swift’s new album that appear to nod to her romance with Travis, the strongest nods to the NFL star are in her songs “The Alchemy” and “So High School.”

In “The Alchemy”, the songstress utilizes several football references in her lyrics. “So when I touch down, call the amateurs and cut ’em from the team / Ditch the clowns, get the crown,” Swift sings.

“Shirts off, and your friends lift you up, over their heads / Beer stickin’ to the floor, cheers chanted ’cause they said / ‘There was no chance trying to be the greatest in the league’ / Where’s the trophy? He just comes, running over to me,” Swift sings, seemingly nodding to Travis reuniting with her on the field after his big Super Bowl win.

In “So High School”, the Grammy-winner sings about how a newfound love feeling “so high school” and seemingly references a former interview Travis did where he was asked who he would marry, kiss and kill between her, Ariana Grande and Katy Perry. At the time of the interview, the Chiefs tight end picked his future girlfriend to kiss.

“Are you gonna marry, kiss, or kill me (Kill me) / It’s just a game, but really (Really) / I’m bettin’ on all three for us two (All three),” Swift sings on the track.

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