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Breaking News: Kim Kardashian Loses 100K Followers After Taylor Swift Diss Track 😱



Kim Kardashian has lost a staggering 120,000 and counting social media followers in the few days since Taylor Swift released her scathing revenge song, “thanK you aIMee,” which is said to be a diss track aimed at the reality star.

Kardashian, 43, has faced backlash since Swift released the song on Friday, April 19, which includes lyrics like, “Everyone knows that my mother is a saintly woman / But she used to say she wished that you were dead.”

Swifties have been swarming her Instagram and X comments section with the song’s seemingly telling title, which spells out “Kim” in capital letters. Swift has become known for placing hidden messages in her lyrics via capitalization.

However, not only has the reality TV star felt the wrath of the 34-year-old pop star’s loyal fans, but she has also seemingly lost a significant number of followers, causing her still-significant count to plummet since the backlash, according to social media tracking apps.

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