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What would be you’re reaction for these two getting married as soon as possible. TayTav 🥺 ❤️



Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are the it-couple of the century! Fans and everyday social media users alike can’t seem to get enough of the rom-com-esque relationship between the singer-songwriter and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end.

The “Anti-Hero” crooner and the football player have been linked since early September, when a source told The Messenger that the two were “quietly hanging out.” Since then, the jet-setting couple has been spotted getting very cozy around New York City and at tons of his games.

Most recently, Taylor attended Travis’ AFC Championship football game on January 28, where he clinched a win to advance to his fourth (!) Super Bowl appearance. After the game, she joined his family on the field to congratulate him, and *many* pictures were taken of the two embracing publicly like never before.

While I don’t have time to get into *all* of the reasons why these two are a perfect match, one of the biggest is that there’s a “genuineness” that wasn’t present in photos of Taylor’s past relationships, says Patti Wood, a body language expert with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Body Language and Nonverbal Communication based in Atlanta, Georgia. Instead, she often did “frozen postures” to ensure that she looked happy instead of appearing more relaxed and natural.

So, if you’re curious to know if this love story is true, sources (ahem, body language experts) say there’s evidence that Taylor and Travis are undeniably enchanted. Ahead, discover what Tayvis’ body language reveals about their connection that has the pair bejeweled (okay I’m done now, promise).

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