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VIDΕO: TRavis Kelce WARNS Kim Kardashiaɴ for insulting Taylor Swift



Kim Kardashian believes that NFL star Travis Kelce is “under Taylor Swift’s spell” and their romance “won’t last”, according to a psychic.

The reality TV queen, 43, and the pop princess, 34, have been at odds ever since Kim’s ex Kanye West interrupted Taylor at the VMAs in 2009.

The feud between Kim and Taylor has been ongoing, with no signs of reconciliation. Last year, when Taylor mentioned the feud in TIME Magazine, it was rumored that Kim wanted “revenge”

Kim is incandescent with rage, and she’s come up with a plan to get her own back by using her connections in the sport[s] world to break up Taylor and Travis,” a source told Heat Magazine. “Kim can’t believe that she buried the hatchet with Taylor only to have her turn on her like this – she’s ready for war.”

Now, an exclusive Tarot reading done for The Mirror by celebrity psychic Inbaal Honigman suggests that Kim doesn’t think Taylor and Travis’ love is genuine.

Inbaal, a psychic, revealed to us that “The Tarot cards reveal that Kim Kardashian does not think that Taylor and Travis’ love is real,” She pulled the romantic Knight of Cups card and explained that this shows Kim sees herself as a love expert, “someone who knows all there is to know about relationships, especially when it comes to glamorous female celebrities and muscly male athletes”.

She continued: “This card focuses on an emotionally expressive masculine figure, and it shows that Kim believes Travis to be caught up in the moment, enchanted under Taylor’s spell and that they’re in the short-lived honeymoon period and he doesn’t know her true personality yet.”

Next, Inbaal pulled the fiery 3 of Wands Tarot card which seemingly said that “Kim believes that this relationship will start slipping and sliding towards arguments and jealousy in about three months”.

She concluded: “The number 3 appears significant to the SKIMS founder, and she could have a theory about love relationships which sees the first three months as the period of glow, where nothing the other person does can be seen as bad, then the next three months are the time of acceptance, where the couple notice each other’s flaws but forgive them, and from Easter onwards, the fights will start.”

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