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Travis Kelce confirmed and promised to join girlfriend Taylor Swift in Europe Starting in Paris and ending in London, ” If only you knew how much those little moments with you matter to me”



Taylor Swift is gearing up for a massive, lengthy European tour. Starting in Paris and ending in London, the tour is planned to span across 14 different countries and even more cities.

The Eras Tour is slated to begin on May 9, with an ending date of August 20. With her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, currently resting during the offseason, many have wondered whether the Super Bowl winner will join her on tour.

Will Travis Kelce join Taylor Swift on European Eras Tour?
While nothing has been confirmed yet, celebrity psychic Inbaal Honigman has come out with a prediction.

Travis wants to keep his relationship on an even keel… He doesn’t want to lose the stability that he has with his creative lady, and will come to visit a few European destinations with her when she’s touring the continent. However, Travis doesn’t want to overstay his welcome… when the athlete feels that he’s more of a hindrance, he’ll catch a flight home.

Honigman also claims that Kelce will visit her a second time before the NFL season starts. The Kansas City Chiefs will begin their regular season on September 5, when they will host the first game of the season.

But the preseason begins on August 10. Although Kelce probably won’t even play in the preseason, he needs to be practicing with the team in the lead-up to the season during training camp and throughout the month of August.

Training camp generally begins in late July. Swift will be in Germany at that time.

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