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Travis Kelce Celebrates brother Jason’s surprising signing of a New Football Team contract after talks of retirement and returning to Eagles “You’re full of surprises man..”



Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce was hyped to see that his brother Jason made a surprise cameo appearance on the premiere episode of ABC’s sitcom ‘Abbott Elementary’ earlier this month.

While the episode aired prior to the Super Bowl, Travis only started reacting to it on this week’s edition of the ‘New Heights’ podcast and didn’t hold his emotion back.

‘Holy s–t, Jason, you’re on that f–king Abbott Elementary premiere!’ Travis, 34, proudly exclaimed on the podcast. ‘Quinta [Brunson]’s awesome, dude. I love that show.’

Jason appeared alongside Eagles teammates Jalen Hurts and Brandon Graham in an episode where the three NFL stars spoke to children and teachers via Zoom during a school career day.

Hurts was also part of a failed marriage proposal in that episode which led to Graham and Kelce teasing the quarterback for being late for practice.

Travis had nothing but praise for the show – which has been nominated for 15 Emmy Awards and won four.

When Hurts explains the proposal gone wrong, Kelce jokes, ‘Another proposal,’ while Graham quips, ‘Jalen, you gotta say no to this kind of stuff.’

‘[Abbott Elementary] has got to be one of my favorites,’ Travis added on the podcast. ‘I just started binge-watching the first season, so I haven’t even gotten to the second, but goddamnit, you’re always on the coolest Philadelphia shows. Why can’t Kansas City have a show?’

‘I love what this show represents,’ Jason said. ‘Anything that sheds light on public schools and the Philadelphia school system is pretty special. And Quinta does a fantastic job, as does the whole crew over there at Abbott Elementary. So I was honored that they asked us to be part of it for sure.’

Jason has used his acting chops before in an episode of the dark comedy show ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ back in 2018 after the Eagles won the Super Bowl.

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