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Travis Kelce says he doesn’t have an issue with Taylor mentioning her exes in the new TTPD album. He loves everything about her and always supports her… ❤



It turns out The Tortured Poets Department doesn’t only feature breakup songs. Just two hours after TTPD dropped, Taylor Swift announced a double version of the album, which seemingly includes another song – “So High School” – about her relationship with Travis Kelce.

Fans got a glimpse into the romance with “The Alchemy,” which was featured on the first part of the album, but “So High School” appears to dive even further into the giddiness that Taylor, 34, felt when the two first got together in 2023. The gist of the song is in the chorus, with the pop star singing, “I feel so high school every time I look at you.”

However, there are several specific references that appear to be about her relationship with Travis, 34. “Tell me ‘bout the first time you saw me, I’ll drink what you think and I’m high from smoking your jokes all damn night,” she sings in the first verse. The NFL star is a known jokester who is often seen making Taylor laugh. Plus, she previously said that she found it “metal as hell” when Travis gave her a shout-out on his podcast after he attended the Eras tour, and the first part of this lyric seems to be her reiterating that she was flattered by his comment.

As the song continues, Taylor adds another telling lyric, singing, “Get my car door, isn’t that sweet?” Shortly after the A-listers went public with their relationship they were spotted in New York City together and fans went wild after seeing Travis open the car door for his woman in photos and videos from the outing.

Another lyric references Travis’ career as an athlete and Taylor’s as an artist. “You know how to ball, I know Aristotle,” she sings. She also seems to reference Travis’ podcast shout-out when she says, “You knew what you wanted and, boy, you got her.”

The Grammy winner also adds, “I feel like laughing in the middle of practice to that impression you did of your dad again,” with “practice” being a possible sports reference. Plus, in October 2023, Travis and his brother, Jason Kelce, joked on their podcast about their dad, Ed Kelce, meeting Taylor for the first time, which was publicized since it took place at a Kansas City Chiefs game.

“So High School” seems to have more direct and specific notes from Taylor and Travis’ relationship, while “The Alchemy” is a bit more metaphorical. However, there are many sports references on the latter song, which is what led fans to believe that Travis is the subject.

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