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Taylor Swift hits back at critics : I’m in Love with ‘TRAVIS ‘and I don’t care what you think , Love doesn’t care about your opinion . Stop the criticism I am no match to your Craziness as Travis and Jason Kelce defends her…



Taylor Swift, after breaking up with Joe Alwyn, is once on the news with her dating reports with Travis Kelce. Amid all of the rumours and speculations, the songstress’ old interview went viral, where Taylor complained about not getting attention from any guys.

However, it seems Travis has fulfilled that dream. Scroll ahead to get to the scoopOver the years of Taylor’s career, the singer has often been linked with many Hollywood stars, including Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Taylor Lautner, former One Direction singer Harry Styles, and the list continues.

Now, Travis Kelce is the name that is stirring up the internet.In an old interview with Extra back in 2012, Taylor Swift had claimed, “Nobody does anything crazy to get my attention as far as guys,” and joked, “Like, I can’t remember, so I guess there hasn’t been anything.” Now, this statement is going viral as Travis Kelce’s surprising gesture made its way to the media.

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