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“Taylor Swift addresses critics, stating, ‘Stop criticizing me for kissing and hugging my cat. It’s my personal life, and my pet brings me joy. I love having him around me.’”



“Some fans speculate that Taylor Swift is obsessed with talking to and kissing her cat. In response, Taylor asserts, ‘It’s my life and my cat. I can do whatever I wish with my pet. I cherish my cat more than anything.’””I love my cat so much, and I can do anything I like with my furry companion. I’ve even spent more than a million on my cat because of how much I adore them.”

Taylor Swift’s TikTok takeover continues with a hilarious new confession that she is, indeed, a certified cat lady.Swift is the proud cat mom of three kitties — Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button — whom she frequently features across her socials, holiday cards, music videos and on her merchandise.

However, she revealed in a comical new video that she never intended to become a cat lady. In fact, she originally wasn’t a fan of the label and didn’t want that to become part of her identity.The Grammy winner shared a throwback interview from 2014 in which she opens up about the hesitation she had about getting a feline companion for her first cat, Meredith. The companion would end up being Olivia.

“[I talked with] friends about it and before I got the second cat. I was really kinda canvassing everyone I knew, going, ‘Is cats … cat lady? Or, you know, two cats is cats and there’s more than one?’” she explained. “And they’re like, ‘No, three cats is a cat lady. Two cats is a party.’”

The interview then abruptly cuts off and switches to present-day Swift, who is sauntering across the room with Meredith bouncing on her hip. The “willow” singer then walks off screen to grab hold of Benjamin and Olivia before sending a knowing glance at the camera.

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