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Relationship on the Rock? Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Arrived at the Grocery Store in Separate Private Jet



It turns out there might be trouble in paradise for America’s most famous couple. Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift recently arrived at the grocery store in separate private jets.

We’re gonna go ahead and say this is NOT a good sign. Is it possible that Travis and Taylor’s relationship is on the rocks?

According to a report released by TMZ this morning, Travis Kelce’s private Gulfstream G550 aircraft touched down in the parking lot of a Publix supermarket in Nashville, Tennessee. After taxiing around the parking lot looking for a space, Kelce’s pilot parked the private jet in a handicapped space in front of the store. Just a few moments later, Taylor Swift arrived at the same Publix in her private Dassault Falcon 7X aircraft. Taylor’s pilot parked the jet in front of a fire hydrant and turned the jet’s hazards on to indicate that it would be moving soon.

It’s definitely concerning that Taylor and Travis didn’t travel in the same jet to the grocery store! You have to wonder if they’re currently experiencing some tension in their relationship.

Things only got more awkward once Taylor and Travis got off their planes and saw each other in the parking lot as they entered the grocery store. We might have just watched them share a romantic kiss at the Super Bowl a few weeks ago, but photos from the Publix parking lot today show Travis and Taylor nodding tersely at one another before entering the grocery store and both walking to the cereal section in silence. Travis and Taylor both bought three boxes of Frosted Flakes each, and the fact that they bought their own cereal seems pretty suspicious–they’re certainly not planning to share!

According to the TMZ report, Taylor and Travis returned to their separate private jets without saying goodbye to each other. Taylor silently ripped up the parking ticket a police officer had placed on the jet windshield and climbed back on board the plane. The jet then smashed into several parked cars as it took off and flew to a nearby Target, where Taylor purchased a bottle of Gatorade and two more boxes of Frosted Flakes. Travis ate three bowls of Frosted Flakes alone on his private jet before it took off to fly him to a laundromat two miles away, where he spent the next three hours washing his football uniforms.

This is absolutely devastating! It’s so tragic that these former lovebirds seem to be going through a rough patch. Right now it’s unclear if Travis and Taylor are just in a temporary fight, or if there are deeper rifts in their romance. Here’s hoping that Taylor and Travis patch things up soon and we’ll see them arriving at the grocery store in the same private jet in the future!

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