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Prince Harry shares he can never leave Meghan Markle: ‘ain’t moving’



New footage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has surfaced, offering a glimpse into their strong relationship.

In the clip from their 2022 Netflix documentary series Harry & Meghan, the couple discusses one of their first dates, during which Harry teasingly recalls Meghan being late for their London rendezvous in 2016 while she was on a break from filming Suits.

Fans have shared the video widely on TikTok, prompting renewed interest in their relationship journey.

She had organised to meet the duke at Soho House in London’s centre, but Harry mocked her for her tardiness. The couple’s joking exchange as they reminisced has once again gone viral as Harry jokingly said to the camera: “”She was late,” much to Meghan’s surprise.

“I was late?,” she playfully questioned back before Harry responded: “Yeah, remember? You came rushing in from having a shower.”

Meghan claimed she was only “like five minutes” behind schedule before admitting she hates being late.

“I was like ‘you can be as late as you want, I ain’t moving,'” Harry replied as he smiled back.

Fans quickly commented on the clip to share their delight in the couple’s back and forth, with one labelling Harry’s teasing of Meghan as “cute”. Another added: “They’re so good for each other…perfect soulmates.”

The resurfaced clip comes after speculation over Meghan’s appearance alongside her husband at the Invictus Game event was rife before it was eventually confirmed she wouldn’t be making the journey to the UK.

Harry is due to attend a special ceremony in London on May 8 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games while Meghan and their kids stay at home. Shortly after, however, Meghan will join her husband on a trip to Nigeria.

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