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Patrick mahomes Fires back at trolls” that said her wife is a gold digger “You all should mind your business, i love her like that”



Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Darius Slay praised Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes while calling him the most disrespected man in the NFL ahead of their Super Bowl matchup on Feb. 12.

“Most disrespected dude I know” Eagles’ Darius Slay draws line in the sand against Patrick Mahomes criticism
Slay said that he watched the AFC championship game between the Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals and was impressed with Cincinnati’s Joe Burrow and Mahomes. “So, after our game ended, of course I had to watch to see who we’d be playing in the Super Bowl,” Slay said. “Joe Burrow, Patrick Mahomes, this league is in good hands with these two quarterbacks.

They’re two of the best in the business. I’m just sitting here just like admiring the game, admiring the talent they have.
“Watching Mahomes go out there really on one ankle, dude was amazing. I gotta give a shoutout to this man. And I ain’t gonna lie to ya’ll, ya’ll disrespect that man so much, ’cause I ain’t ever seen a guy who’s been maybe to – what? – three AFC championships out of the last five years or so or four.”

Slay added that he doesn’t understand how a Super Bowl champion and MVP of the league gets disrespected the way Mahomes does:

“And I don’t understand how he get disrespected so much as in like him being an underdog at home, Super Bowl champ MVP of this league. So, he gots to be the most disrespected dude I know right now, and that’s wild to me. I don’t know how they do that. That man is a magician.”

Darius Slay isn’t the only player who thinks Mahomes is a little disrepected.

Chiefs offensive tackle Orlando Brown crashed Mahomes’ postgame interview on Sunday, demanding more respect for his quarterback.

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