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News Update: After being caught making out in the ocean while just sporting their swimsuits, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s actions in the Bahamas have come under fire. Fans who are offended are requesting that they locate a more private spot because this is not the first time it has happened…



In the past week, they had a hot and steamy time in the Bahamas, making out in the sea while just wearing their bathing suits. and this is a common sight.

The couple got into the ocean Thursday while enjoying Harbour Island — and they were ready to make out and get cozy on their vacation … ’cause that’s exactly what they did, not just among the waves but on the actual beach as well.

Take a look at the hot pics for yourself — Taylor was all over Travis while he held her as they took a dip … with one arm wrapped around his body, and the other hand holding a drink.When they weren’t smooching, they seemed to be goofing around and being playful — by the looks of the shots, they were definitely having a great time enjoying each other out there.Once they were done in the water.

TK and TS laid out on the sand and soaked up some rays — where Travis copped a handful of Tay Tay’s booty as she showed off her backside. Gotta say, they both look great … and they certainly weren’t shy with the affection either.As we told you … they landed in Eleuthera last week and then skipped on over to Harbour Island, where they were spotted on a dock that was tied to the Valentines Resort & Marina.

Perfect for a couple of lovebirds … which Travis and Taylor 100% still are at this point.

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