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Just like Her Father!!! Lack Of Respect For Elderly People, Kanye West’s Daughter North West Disrespected and humiliates Taylor Swift On Her Instagram Page And Other Social Media Handles, Igniting Debate Among Fans, As The Drama Reappears. Who should be questioned— Kanye West, Kim Kardashian , North West Or Someone Else—For Her Lack Of Respect And Immature Behavior?



After the outcome from a 2009 MTV Video Music Awards event in which Swift won the best female video award, but Ye protested onstage that Swift didn’t deserve it.they objected to the song’s “strong misogynistic message” and the lyric, “I made that bitch famous.”

Soon later, Kardashian and Swift fell out over video recordings of the two musicians conversing over the phone that were taken without Swift’s knowledge. Ye named-dropped Swift in his 2016 song “Famous,” bragging that he “might still have sex” with her. The public perceived Swift as dishonest as the videos seemed to demonstrate that Swift had given Ye permission to release “Famous.”

What would be the point of me bringing that energy to them if they are unaware of what is going on in the world or what is being said?” Karlie Jenner told Angie Martinez on the radio.

“It’s a lot of serious, mature stuff that they’re not prepared to handle, you know? We’ll have those discussions as they happen.

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