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Jason Whitlock Takes Nasty Shot At Patrick Mahomes’ Wife, Brittany Mahomes, And It Was Totally Uncalled For



Jason Whitlock, and Patrick & Brittany Mahomes (Photos via Getty Images and Fearless YouTube)

Jason Whitlock doesn’t appear to be a fan of Patrick Mahomes and the personal decisions he makes with the love of his life.

Former ESPN columnist Jason Whitlock is no doubt a fan of Mahomes and what he does on the field, as he displayed by raving about the two-time MVP and him not taking sides in the presidential elections.

He also showed him love for staying true to his high school sweetheart, now wife Brittany Mahomes, but he did not leave it there. He also snuck in a shot at her.

He likes and respects Mahomes for sticking with his wife but noted that Brittany Mahomes isn’t the most polished person and that he is stuck with her, likely alluding to the fact that they have two children and are married.

“I am not saying that she is unattractive. I’m not remotely saying that. But he has stayed loyal, and again, she’s not the most polished person, but he loves her. He’s stuck with her. I like and respect that about Patrick Mahomes,” Whitlock stated on his fearless podcast.

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany have been together since high school and have heard everything said about them from thousands of people. Being married to one of the world’s most influential people comes with challenges, including backlash.

Many so-called NFL fans have taken shots at Brittany Mahomes about her looks, even going as far as to state that Patrick Mahomes should’ve upgraded to a better-looking woman once he got money and became famous.

For her part, the wife of the Chiefs quarterback largely ignores what people say about her, but sometimes, she has to lash back out at them.

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