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Fans accuses Taylor swift of being desperate, after she agreed to move in with Travis Kelce just few month after dating



Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will move in together for good if their ‘practice run’ at his $6 million Kansas City mansion goes well, according to insiders, who claim the loved up ‘soulmates’ have discussed a family.

A moving truck was spotted outside the NFL star’s new pad on Tuesday – just one day after Taylor, 33, wrapped the South American leg of her Eras tour with a sold out concert in Brazil – with furniture and other items pictured being carried inside. The couple, who started dating in September, are said to be ‘obsessed’ with each other, with the pair flying to and from his games and her concerts to spend time together.

While Taylor is not officially moving in with Travis, her friends and family believe she isn’t exactly moving out either,’ a source close to the Blank Space singer told exclusively. Everyone truly believes that Taylor and Travis are soulmates. Taylor also believes this, as does Travis.

‘They are both absolutely obsessed with each other and yes, very much in love. They want the same things in life – a future and possibly a family. If things continue going the way they are going they will continue to cohabitate because that is what couples in love do. This is kind of like a practice run in a sense.’

The legendary musician and the Kansas City Chiefs tight-end, 34, are reportedly looking to spend the holidays together and have no plans to put any distance between them – except when their careers require it. ‘If things continue going the way they are going they will continue to cohabitate because that is what couples in love do. Couples live together,’ the source continued. ‘For Taylor, it is about where her heart is – and right now her heart is in his home in Kansas City with the man that she loves.’

Taylor’s property portfolio, which includes houses in New York, Rhode Island, Tennessee and Los Angeles is believed to be worth around $80 million. But despite an apparent desire to shack up with her new man, the Love Story singer isn’t planning to sell any off. ‘These houses are not being sold and she is not getting rid of any of her stuff, nor is she putting it all into boxes and loading it in to Travis’s attic,’ the source added. As a van unloaded furniture at Travis’s luxury 17,000 sq. ft. property, him and Taylor were seen arriving separately to the newly-built $8 million mansion owned by Travis’ teammate Patrick Mahomes, 28, and his wife Brittany, 28.

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