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EXCLUSIVE: Brittany Mahomes UNMASKED as ‘fake and disloyal’ to Taylor Swift, as red flags from ‘desperate opportunist’ are EXPOSED



The newest WAG in the Kansas City Chiefs’ ranks, Swift stepped out at Wisconsin’s Lambeau Field stadium last December to support her tight-end beau Travis Kelce wearing a striking red coat.

Ever on the hunt for ‘Easter eggs’ clues left by the pop superstar, eagle-eyed Swifties immediately pointed out that the jacket appeared to belong to Mahomes, wife of quarterback Patrick.

And true enough, the ladies soon seemed inseparable, cozied up in stadium stands, downing shots for the jumbotron and dancing together at debauched afterparties.

Swift even appeared to have allowed Mahomes into her highly select group of gal pals when, in November, they were pictured on a night out alongside Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid and Sophie Turner.

In February, Mahomes posed in barely-there bikinis for Sports Illustrated, telling the magazine of her shock at being chosen for the shoot. ‘Never in my wildest dreams,’ she said, in what many perceived to be a sweet reference to one of Swift’s most famous songs.

But now insiders are questioning the strength of that friendship, with some suggesting Mahomes has been rather more keen than Swift to present the public with an impression of closeness.

The first signs of trouble in pal paradise came with Mahomes’s appearance in an advertisement for Kim Kardashian’s underwear brand, Skims.

Posing alongside Patrick and their two children in cozy Christmas pajamas, Brittany shared the promotional pictures to her personal Instagram last November, saying: ‘The holidays start with Skims.’

Of course, Swift is locked in a years-long rivalry with Kardashian that shows no signs of cooling. Only last week, Swift’s new album contained an apparent ‘diss track’ aimed at Kim.

Now, sources tell that those close to Swift thought it ‘super strange’ that Mahomes did the campaign.

‘It truly showed how loyal she is to her friends. And Brittany chose money over friendship, which says a lot,’ the source said.

As for the closeness of the pair, the source said that Mahomes is only ‘acting like Taylor’s BFF’ because she ‘is desperate to be known’ and wants to be seen as more than ‘a trophy wife to an NFL star.’

‘She has tried so hard to insert herself into Swift’s circle. She has wanted to be relevant for so long and finally found her in,’ said another source who suggested Mahomes’s Skims ‘betrayal’ is very revealing.

‘She has too many red flags and people are starting to see through her fake and bitchy persona,’ that source said. ‘She is an opportunist who is clearly not a girl’s girl.’

It is understood that Swift is ‘too busy’ to ‘see’ Mahomes’s behavior for what it is, and that at any rate the pair haven’t hung out since the Super Bowl in February.

Insiders also highlight a series of cruel tweets about Swift, penned by Mahomes many years ago.

In one from 2012, Mahomes writes: ‘Taylor Swift, I wanna know when you’re gonna find something different to write about besides boys and relationships #timeforsomethingnew.’

A source said that Mahomes would no doubt put the tweets down to the actions of ‘a stupid teenager’ and insist that ‘she loves Taylor’s music now’. But apparently such excuses won’t wash.

‘It just doesn’t sit well with Taylor’s friends,’ the source said. ‘People have started seeing through Brittany’s bulls***. If Taylor wasn’t dating her husband’s teammate, no doubt Brittany would still be talking s***.’

As of publication, Mahomes hadn’t responded to requests for comment but, certainly, a public falling out with Swift wouldn’t be Mahomes’s first public faux pas.

In February, she came under intense criticism after seeming to carry on with post-Super Bowl celebrations in Kansas City after a terrifying shooting during the Chiefs’ victory parade left one dead and more than 20 injured.

Mahomes was pictured smiling, enjoying food and drink at a dive bar mere hours after the attack, with many victims still in critical condition.

And then there’s her perceived treatment of staff.

In January, fans criticized Mahomes’s ‘high horse’ attitude after a clip appeared to show her speaking dismissively to a stadium employee.

In the video, Mahomes is seen walking with her husband after a game when she turns to a staff member and abruptly asks ‘Where do we go from here?’ while spinning her finger in a circle.

The clip went viral, sparking a flurry of gossip about the star’s past behavior.

Of particular note, TikToker Jessica O’Connor claimed that she had previously worked at a hotel in Hollywood that Brittany had visited in 2022 and failed to tip staff.

‘My first interaction with her, she ran up over a $100 tab. She was with her whole posse — Patrick was not there — but I believe their tab was well over $100, maybe $130. $0 tip,’ O’Connor said.

Others also claiming to have served Mahomes then piled on the pressure in the comments section, with one alleging: ‘Can confirm! I was a bottle server at a nightclub in Kansas City and this is 100 percent my experience as well.’

Certainly, Mahomes enjoys a particularly luxurious lifestyle. Patrick makes a reported $53 million a year, while she owns her own fitness company and has a major stake in a women’s soccer team, the Kanas City Current.

The Mahomeses live in a sprawling $8 million estate in Kansas City, complete with an indoor basketball court, home gym, movie theater, pool, golf course and, of course, a 50-yard football field.

There’s also a $5.5 million Texas mansion for holidays, and all number of exotic international trips.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated for that interview in February, Mahomes admitted: ‘People are going to love you or hate you.’

No doubt she will be hoping to avoid too much of the latter.

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