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Donald Trump’s reaction when Joe Biden received support from Taylor Swift



Former US President Donald Trump said that with his contributions to the American music industry, singer Taylor Swift should support him, not his Democratic opponent, President Joe Biden.

“I am the one who signed the Music Modernization Act for all American artists in general and Taylor Swift in particular. Mr. Joe Biden has and certainly will never do the same thing. There is no reason What can Swift support him with?” Mr. Trump posted on his personal social networking site on February 11.

The law Mr. Trump mentioned in the article is a bill passed by the US Congress with the support of nearly all members of both parties in 2018.

“Besides, I quite like her boyfriend, Travis, even though he’s probably a liberal and probably doesn’t support me very much,” Mr. Trump added.

Singer Taylor Swift’s boyfriend is Travis Kelce, a football player who is currently the captain of the Kansas City Chiefs, the team that won the Super Bowl championship on February 11. Over the past several months, the couple has been a popular topic on right-wing political forums as Swift urged her fans to exercise their right to vote. Previously, Kelce also appeared in the pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer’s advertising campaign to urge people to get vaccinated to prevent flu and Covid-19.

A series of theories have appeared since January, when commentators speculated that Taylor Swift would likely support Mr. Biden. This is not unfounded as this singer showed a similar attitude during the 2020 election season.

However, this story still remains at the hypothetical level, especially when the rumors go further and further, for example, “the romance between Swift and Kelce was only created to attract support for the Democratic Party.” hosts and vaccines”.

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