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Breaking News : Travis Kelce and his girlfriend Taylor Swift ask their fans in a manner way what will be their reaction of they get married soon…



It seems that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are not going to be getting engaged any time soon with the singer’s fans seeming to think that the Kansas City Chiefs tight end is not the man for her.

This comes despite the Super Bowl winner having been flying around the world recently to see Swift on her Eras Tour, the latest being in Singapore.

He has been at the two most recent shows which were her last before a two-month break from the tour, and he has now seen her perform live on five different occasions.

According to US Weekly, though, the couple will not be taking the next step very soon after some questionable behavior from Kelce in recent weeks.

He was seen shouting in the face of Chiefs coach Andy Reid during the Super Bowl, which he later apologized for, and some were not impressed by his drunken behaviour during the Super Bowl winning parade.

Swift fans and his brother, Jason Kelce, were not impressed by the episode with Reid.

One fan wrote at the time on X: “And just like that I’m suddenly less excited about Travis Kelce. You don’t get to ape up someone all aggressive like just because you’re frustrated. Taylor, my darling, my dove, my lamb, this is a big red flag.”

Another said: “Travis Kelce is a red flag. That aggression isn’t what Taylor needs.

His older brother, Jason, was unimpressed and said as much on their New Heights podcast.

“You crossed the line, I think we can both agree on that,” the older Kelce brother said. ‘Let’s be honest, the yelling in his face is over the top. I think there are better ways to handle this retrospectively.”

US Weekly quoted a source as saying: “Travis and Taylor are still in the “honeymoon” phase and the relationship is serious. They are on the same page about the future but are not rushing marriage or the next step.

Travis is going the extra mile to make sure he is showing support for Taylor during his off time. He is so happy he can be there for her, and show up for her even during the international leg of her tour.

“Things are going really well and they have a great system going on. They both understand how busy they are and are very accommodating to schedules. They FaceTime and text a lot when they aren’t together.”

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