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Are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce already living together? The Swifties are convinced that



Anew rumor shook the Taylor Swift fandom today. The sharp eyes of the singer’s followers discovered a detail that made them rush to social media speculating that their idol and Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce are already living together.

According to some “Swifties”, Kelce may have conducted a recent video interview from the pop icon’s home. During the talk with ET to discuss his upcoming Kansas City Kelce Jam music festival, fans noticed that the background of the tight end’s video bore a striking resemblance to a limewash wall seen in a previous photo of Taylor Swift at home.

The discovery led to speculation among fans, with many believing that Kelce was indeed at Swift’s home during the interview. Some fans even joked about their investigative skills, suggesting that even if Swift had placed Kelce in the garage, they would have still figured it out.

The speculation came in the midst of a dizzying spring for the couple, who have been seen vacationing in a palatial mansion in the Caribbean and, days later, enjoying dinner at a trendy restaurant in Malibu.

Amid his whirlwing offseason, Kelce has playfully hinted at potential future plans, including baby names, on his podcast. During a recent episode, he jokingly mentioned naming his first child “Conan” after Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in the 1982 movie.

Despite the rumors, neither Kelce nor Swift have officially commented on the location of Kelce’s interview. Swift is currently on a break before the release of her new album, The Tortured Poets Department, and the next leg of her The Eras Tour, which kicks off at the end of May.

The “Tayvis Nation” will undoubtedly continue to speculate about their relationship and eagerly await any official announcements from the pair.

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